Prototyping and Manufacturing Services

Technical development is hard. We are good at it. Whether you are a startup or an established company we can help you deliver high quality products to your customers.


Our Services


We offer three levels of circuit board development services. Breadboarding for early phase proof of concept. Search for existing low cost solutions for fast tracking to customers. And custom Printed Circuit Board (PCBA) Development.


All electronics need a home to protect them from bad weather. We offer a range of enclosure design and manufacturing solutions. Our enclosures range from simple 3D printed boxes to complex shielded metal solutions.


Robotic arms, all-terrain vehicles, drones, gearboxes and many other mechanical prototypes are within the scope of what our team can develop, package, and deliver to your customers.

Deep Learning

We have vast experience with deep learning. We can develop pipelines for data collection and labeling, perform transfer learning on existing state-of-the-art neural networks, or design and test custom networks. Whether you need it on the edge or in the cloud our team has you covered from development to deployment.

Computer Vision

Our team developed plug-and-play camera-enabled edge computing systems that range in computational power from Raspberry Pi to Jetson Xavier AGX. These solutions can integrate in your systems or work as standalone products.


Curiosity Labs can develop and provide technical support for a range of solutions such as desktop applications, smartphone applications, UI/UX, as well as firmware.


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